Hi! My name is Carolyn, my husband Danny and I have raised schnauzers for over
20 years. We are located in the country in a small rural area of Sweetwater
Oklahoma , where we raise cattle , farm , and of course raise schnauzers! We strive
to produce high quality ,happy , health ,and well socialized puppies .                 Once
you've owned a schnauzer  thats it  !    YOUR HOOKED !!!!  Each one has his or
her own special and unique personality , there are no two alike! They will bring you
many hours of joy and laughter. They are loyal , loving ,  and eager to please . They
will be your loving companion and best friend for life ! BUT....... WATCH
OUT!!!.........For they will leave footprints on you  heart.........!!!!!!!!!!!
Schnauzers are highly intelligent ,and devoted to home and family. They have
great temperament , and are fast learners. They are spirited , athletic , and are very
affectionate. Schnauzers , adapts easily to any environment , from living in an
apartment , or living on a farm .The schnauzers breed are one of the top choices for
people , because not only do they make a wonderful and loving pet , but are very alert
and  make great guard dogs as well . They do not shed and are hypoallergenic , so they
make great pets for people with allergies ! They are and amazing breed , and I can not
imagine my life without one !!!
The story behind  " OUR " Happy Hollow , As the story goes , our land has a hollow
that runs down through it . Some of the old timers has told us that  Happy Hollow ( or Happy
Holler as some called it ) used to be the old " camp meeting place ". I had no idea what this
meant , and I'm sure you don't either .Folks said back in the early 1900's that people would
have community gatherings  there . It was a place where they would gather , and have church
services and afterward have a picnic under the cool shade trees and visit . All the family's would
pitch in and bring whatever food they had to share , and sing happy songs of praise to the lord,
and be Happy ! So..........The name , Happy Hollow Or Holler , was born because it was a place
I feel so privilege to have such a wonderful place on our land !!!! And I'm very thankful
to the people that told us this wonderful story , so we may also pass it down !!!
As you will notice we chose to use holler for  our site. All dogs like to give a holler when they are
happy thus Happy Holler!